Beauty Set Starter

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Do you get fine lines under your eyes when you're tired or haven't slept well? And sometimes you think so much that the first wrinkles appear on your forehead? Then the Starter Set is just right for you! With the eye and forehead pads you can say goodbye to the wrinkles before they make themselves comfortable. The Mouth Pads can be used in the nasolabial area or across the upper lip.
  • Eye Pads - me, myself and I
  • Mouth Pads - I love your smile
  • Forehead Pad - fantastic forehead

All pads are made of pure medical silicone and enriched with especially effective hyaluron. You can reuse them up to 30 times and clean them with lukewarm water and our Solid Pad Cleanser. So they accompany you longer - whenever you need them!

Recommended duration of use: at least 1 hour

  • 100% medical silicone
  • Active ingredient Hyaluron
  • wrinkle reduction with the 1st application
  • clinically proven effectiveness
  • vegan and animal-free
  • handmade in Germany

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