Beauty Box "you're the best" II

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First the pads, then the serum! With this limited beauty box you give the perfect start to your beauty routine. For yourself or your loved ones! After the intensive treatment with the pads, the skin is particularly receptive. With the serum you can optimally intensify the smoothing effect. Only the other way round would be bad - because then the pads lose their adhesive power. And should they ever show slight signs of use, simply clean them with the Solid Pad Cleanser under lukewarm running water.

  • Eye Pads - me, myself and I
  • Mouth Pads - I love your smile
  • Smooth Skin Serum - yippie yaya papaya

All pads are made of pure medical silicone with especially effective hyaluron and are reusable up to 30 times.

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