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lift me up

Manchmal ist Veränderung genau das, was du brauchst.
Unsere Facelift Tapes sind sicher, schmerzfrei und schnell wirksam.
Mit etwas Übung kannst du mit Hilfe der Tapes Gesichtskonturen definieren und Falten wegkleben. Dein Gesicht wirkt im Handumdrehen straff und gefestigt.

  • enthält 40 einmalig anwendbare Facelift-Tapes
  • sofortiger Lifting-Effekt
  • nahezu unsichtbar
  • leicht zu überschminken
  • vegan und tierversuchsfrei
  • made in Germany

lift me up

Sometimes a change is exactly what you need. Our lifting tapes are safe, free of any pain and show quick results. With a little practice in using the tapes you can redefine your facial outline and hide unwanted wrinkles. Your face will immediately look more firm and tight.

  • contains 40 single-use facelift tapes
  • immediate lifting effect
  • almost invisible
  • easy to cover with makeup
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • made in Germany

  1. The skin should be dry and clean
  2. Take the tape out of the packaging and remove the adhesive tape on the bottom side.
  3. Place it with the adhesive side on the corresponding skin area and pull the tape gently backwards.
  4. Remove the adhesive film on the opposite side and fix the tape.
  5. Now remove the upper protective film. Enjoy the effect!
Contains no ingredients - purely mechanical action.

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