Beauty Box Hyaluron


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a heart for hyaluron

The Best of Edition of our Beauty Pads with Hyaluron: with this Beauty Box you do not only give your body special attention and smoothing care but also an extra portion of moisture, which optically cushions your skin and makes it look more radiant. 

  • Eye Pads - me, myself and eye
  • Mouth Pads - I love your smile
  • Forehead Pad - fantastic forehead
  • Neckline pad - liberté décolleté
  • Neck Pad - it's neck or nothing
  • Hand Pads - a handful happiness
  • Silicone Pad Cleanser - rinse and shine

All pads are made of pure medical silicone with highly effective hyaluronic acid and are reusable up to 30 times. Clean them occasionally with our Silicone Pad Cleanser - for a fresh feel and longer shelf life. 

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